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Philly Magazine

Interview by Rachel Vigoda
October 5th, 2016

The Black Lives Matter movement hit home for choreographer Lauren Putty White last year when Freddie Gray died in police custody in Baltimore. The UArts grad is a Baltimore native and she watched her hometown erupt in violence while a state of emergency was called... Read More


Thinking Dance

Feature Preview by Sara Graybeal
October 1st, 2016

It’s a stormy Thursday morning and Putty Dance is rehearsing iStand: Stories of an American Civil Struggle, a collection of pieces to be performed on October 9 at the Painted Bride Art Center. Over the sound system, horns flare. Drums cascade gently. Sweat drips. A group of dancers reach, twist, and collapse in unison, as if driven by an invisible, collective force.... Read More



Feature Preview by Merilyn Jackson
December 2nd, 2015

Reviewing sociologically based performances created in almost real time with current events can be dicey. The filter of time can save them from being corny, emotionally overloaded, or lacking in depth. But Putty White and company avoided those pitfalls to create a restrained, emotionally canny and artistically charged work in iStand. Less is more..... Read More


“Putty Dance Project showed off the work [Walls Between Words]...that fused elements of hip-hop, Horton, and postmodern. White’s live combo was creatively and satisfyingly layered with recorded music, and helped make this piece one of the most successful on the program. I look forward to following Putty Dance Project.”
Lisa Bardarson
Thinking Dance
“One of the surprise gems of the evening was Lauren Putty White’s Hello? Her piece offered a soulful, jazzy, and beautifully executed solo with live accompaniment on drums and trombone...the music changed gears and tempo to offer us an edgy, intense, and continually shifting variety of movement. [Lauren’s] stage presence, beautiful lines, expressiveness, and interpretation of movement was a joy to watch.”
Brenda Taleman
The Dance Journal